When taken daily, the BioTE Curcumin SF hormone therapy supplement encourages a healthy inflammatory response, also known as the immune response, throughout the body and may offer relief from the overuse of muscles and joints and injury.


All curcumins are not created equal. Although used for centuries as an ingredient in Asia, most forms are poorly absorbed in the bloodstream, whether coming from food or a nutritional supplement. BioTE Curcumin SF is the most clinically studied curcumin supplement on the market with a 29x greater absorption rate than ordinary curcumin.

Curcumin supplements enhance the activity of the COMT enzyme, which helps metabolize estrogen via methylation (the main way gene activity is adjusted during life!) in both men and women. In turn, it may protect cells from DNA damage from improper estrogen metabolism, as well as help to strengthen the immune system for those who are often sick or complain of aches and pain. This is only one of many BioTE supplements that may help alleviate hormonal imbalance.

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